by (the Late) Samson Orion (240 pages, softcover)

-Preliminary Orientation for Manifesting Beyond Point Zero.
-A Manual of Quickening
-Interactions and Intercessions with an Entity of Alternate Origins

"Manifest.Ø pierces the veil. Orion has been invited into a true understanding of consciousness and the complexities of the being called Human. The roots of our discontent, the agony of existence and the poison of assumption are laid bare. Beyond mere existence is life; beyond mere life is freedom! Only the willingness to begin is required. Within manifest.Ø’s pages lie the first steps." -Amazon.com
This book is brand new and includes a Free MP3 CD with a live interview of the author, Samson Orion, on my radio show, Feet to the Fire, (http://feet2fire.com) little more than a week before he was killed in an auto accident. A tragic loss as you will read, and hear, with this book of GREAT insights to questions as, Why are were? How did we get here? Where are we going.

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